Saturday, December 6, 2008

Vaaranam Aayiram

Everybody who's a good acquaintaince of mine has it written across their biological hard discs (yes people,I've finally joined TCS!) that I am a big time Suriya fan;and mind you,I'm an avid Gautam Menon fan too and this particular movie, Vaaranam Aayiram, which saw the coming together of the duo had kept me waiting for quite sometime..After the lukewarm response that I'd received from other friends who'd already seen the movie,I went in for it with a "clean slate" attitude and zero expectations n voila,what I saw was a movie that was definitely off the track of the Gautam genre of movies (save Minnale, and I liked that movie too) but definitely impressive in its own way.It comes under the "I-can-connect-to-it" kinda movie,you see..

Unless you come from a background that fosters the "put your intellect above emotional pangs!" idea,you will never really learn and discover 'who you think you are' and 'who you really are' by default..People like Gandhiji had this in-built system in them that cried a big "NO" to the little vices of life,but I belong to the other side,which is a far cry from that of saints n seers.The only way people like us (yes,I'm taking the liberty of assuming that we all go together) could really learn to tell the right stuff from the wrong is through personal experiences,failures and shattered expectations.Now don't you think that I'm taking a negative tone,I am no pessimist and let me reveal the secret that some of the best moments of motivation had come to me during the worst times of my was during moments of ridicule that I had nursed my first urge to prove myself;it was when I faced my first big failure in life that I realized how strong I could be.It were those moments that fuelled the urge to figure out the real "me".Like Aurobindo said,I reminesce those moments in silent salutation that reflects: "..oh misfortune,how grateful I am to you..for it was through you that I saw the face of God.."

..and that's precisely why I really lived through VA,for the movie propogates my personal agenda on life, "When you are at the rock bottom of soul and spirit,there's no other way but up!"..simple,yet such a clear,refreshing wisdom that keeps you going!Well,whatever happens,life has to go on!!

That's my stand on VA (to be specific,the second half of the movie,where he goes soul-searching n stuff).I liked the movie not only for Suriya or Gautam;it was the sublime message that the movie drives that had me impressed..after seeing VA,I've made up my mind that if I ever do get myself into a movie-making venture,I should come up with something that people could really empathize with and connect to;just the way Gautam Menon did.
After all,what really matters in life is to reach out and bring about the right kind of change,if you can,in your own small way.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Can't really deduce where I'm heading........

I'm sitting on a plush sofa,in a visitor's lounge,where every bit of furniture and adornings available,scream out the very fact that it belonged to the corporate office of an IT giant .The glass door opened from outside and I turned around just in time to realize that my Dad's just joined me.Instead of taking his seat beside my own,he walks straight unto the receptionist (whom I'd not noticed until then)pointed out at me and proudly declare:
"This is my daughter and the jewel of my pride;She's gotten herself a great job at the Campus interview at her college,scored a great score at the Graduate Record Examination and so on....balah blah blah....."
I'm flushed with an unspeakable feeling on realizing how proud I've made my father,the scene changes.........
Ouch!That hurt!My mum had resorted to bodily lifting me off the bed and had shaken me enough until I'd opened my sleep sodden eyes...memories of my proud dad's declaration came rushing back only to push me to realize that it was all a dream.....Phew!
So,another day of doing absolutely nothing has arrived!
From now on,I'll do what I've been doing everyday (except when I'm out with friends/family)since July 24,2008:
Drink Coffee
Watch the TV
Eat my breakfast
Take a short nap
Wake up
Watch the TV
Eat my lunch
Take a short nap
Wake up
Chatting up blah blah with the 3year old twins downstairs
Watch TV
Eat my dinner
Retire for the night...unto acute browsing.....hooked unto the web,you know!!!
Ridiculous cycle,innit?
Not that I'm a good-for-nothing kinda dunce,just that I don't really have anything to do..
Most acquaintances have suggested that I learn cooking,but come on,cooking literally gets on my nerves..I feel at home at the dining table,not the kitchen!!
Computer courses,part time jobs and art classes?Totally out of question you know;I'd been there in hostel all through my 4 years of college (I was as thin as a fishbone then and the hostel food was a "no other go,you gotta gobble the lot" kind of food) and my mum feels that this is the best time for me to recharge my batteries with,hmmph,proper home cooked food that is healthy as well as delicious.How can I even dream of spending the hard earned energy on silly part time jobs and stuff?
All right then,why not try giving some competitive exam?Oh yeah,the GRE/TOEFL bug had bitten me as well and I'd given them right away..but a score of 1225/99 alone would not suffice in lending me wings......what else could one expect with relatives pouring in to congratulate you and proceeding to secretively drop a word or two regarding "The hazards of sending thy daughter alone to the US " in your mum's ears???Now my mum has literally vowed that she'd never let me go alone to the states!!(Hear,hear,Obama!!)
That has left me with just one last,inevitable choice...taking up my IT job that I'd secured through the "On campus placement ritual (Oh yeah,that part of the dream is true,'bout me having got placed and written my GRE).With positive anticipation,I've now developed a new thing for checking my mails very often and texting my buddies at the speed of lightning,to acquire new updates on who's been assigned to which training site of my company (yeah,my company!!!) from the pack of students who'd been chosen from my varsity...however,there has been no developments on my side,so far...the rest goes understood;after all,its the obvious...
Well,to sum it up all,here I am,freshly graduated,rightly nourished (thanks to my mum's cooking) and thoroughly well reasoned,sitting,on the verge of a form of insanity that would readily engulf only those who had nothing at all to do........(been recognising the signs already??hmmph..)Precisely speaking,I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHERE I'M HEADING!!!!

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